In an effort to follow CDC recommendations regarding stopping the spread of COVID 19, Adams Mobile Notary Service has the following as its COVID policy.

1. ALL NOTARIZATIONS WILL BE CONDUCTED WHILE WEARING A MASK, unless all signers have gone through complete process of vaccine doses. If all signers have been fully vaccinated it is up to the signer’s personal preference as to whether to wear a mask during the signing.

2. Social distancing will be attempted at all signings.  

3.  Although aware of the decision to limit contact, Adams Mobile Notary Service will NOT participate or take part in “curbside” or “door-drop” signings.  Current Tennessee legislation, unless in a remote online notarization
situation, requires personal appearance before a notary.

4.  For notarization to take place in a hospital, senior/assisted living, or nursing home, the facility must
allow a notary to meet in the same room with the resident/patient. Adams Mobile Notary Service does not perform what may be called “window” signings.

PLEASE NOTE: As a Notary Public it is our responsibility is only to verify the identity of the individual signing the document(s) and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of the document(s).

We not attorneys in Tennessee and cannot give legal advice or accept fees for legal service.

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